Weather damageWhen you purchase a homeowners insurance policy, you anticipate most weather related damages to be covered. Well, that is not necessarily the case. Depending on the terms of your home insurance policy, some weather-related damages may not be covered. Understand your homeowners insurance policy before a claim happens is extremely important.

To ensure you have sufficient coverage, you must first understand what weather damage claims are typically covered under a standard home insurance policy.

What is typically covered?

Perils typically covered under your insurance policy include:

  • Lightning strikes. Lightning may result in severe smoke or fire damage. Or cause power surges that can damage appliances or electronics in your home.
  • Hail, wind and fallen trees. All three can lead to a variety of damages to your home that are typically covered under a homeowners policy.
  • Frozen pipes. Frozen pipes and a small variety of other water-related damages may be covered under your insurance policy. The source of the water can determine your insurance coverage.

What is typically excluded?

Perils often excluded from your insurance policy include:

  • Sewer backups and flooding. Certain water damage that may be due to negligence will typically not be covered under your policy.
  • Hurricanes, floods and earthquakes. Most natural disasters are not covered under a standard home insurance policy. However, you may be able to purchase separate policies if certain disasters are common in your area.

What can I do?

Talk to your agent today to determine what weather damage is covered or excluded under your homeowners insurance policy. There may be additional overages you can purchase to cover excluded perils. Understanding your policy can help reduce stress in the unfortunate event that you do have a claim. Dealing with a claim is stressful enough. Dealing with a claim and finding you have no coverage is just horrible! We want to help make sure that does not happen to you. 

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