Typically, we blame the winter months for our weight gain when in reality, summer can be just as guilty. Think of all the cookouts and summer get together’s where we indulge in barbecue, potato salad, sugary beverages and ice cream…they all lead to extra pounds. So what can you do to keep your diet in check without depriving yourself of being social this summer?

  1. Substitute, substitute, substitute: Instead of cooking pork or steak, prepare grilled fish or veggie kabobs. Substitute frozen yogurt or popsicles for ice cream.
  2. Drink lots of water: Not only do you need to stay hydrated in the warm weather, drinking water helps fill you up between meals. This will help you eat fewer calories during the day.
  3. Turn down the air conditioning: Studies show that when your body is exposed to heat and humidity, your appetite decreases and you eat less.
  4. Exercise: Take advantage of the nice weather to do outdoor activities such as swimming, a summer sport, or jogging. Just make sure you do it during a cooler part of the day and stay hydrated.

And one extra tip…check with your health insurance to see if they offer any deals or rewards to go along with your dieting or health eating. We’d be glad to help you if you’re unsure where to start, just give us a call.

Image source: Sanja Gjenero RBGStock.com