“Baby It’s Cold Outside”… We all know the song and we’re all feeling the chill today, and tomorrow is only going to be worse! The best option is to stay inside where it is warm and cozy.
With this cold weather and the even cooler wind chill, a trip outside poses the threat of frostbite.
  • Causes – prolonged exposure to cold temperatures, usually accompanied by a low wind-chill factor, or by brief exposure to excessively frigid or wet conditions.
  • Risk Factors – children, the elderly, those with circulatory problems, and people who have diabetes, are more susceptible to developing frostbite.
  • Symptoms – partial or complete numbness, discoloration of the skin and burning and/or tingling sensation. If left untreated, frostbitten skin gradually darkens after a few hours. Skin destroyed by frostbite is completely black and looks loose and flayed, as if burnt.
  • Prevention – protect hands, feet, nose and ears. Bundle in warm, layered and loose-fitting clothing when heading out into the winter weather. Get out of the cold at first sign of redness or pain in your skin.
  • Treatment – Move to a warm area as soon as possible. While it’s tempting to rub or massage the affected area, it’s best to place the affected are in warm water until the skin is soft and sensation has returned. Next, wrap the are in clean dressings and seek medical help. If it is unlikely that the affected area can be kept thawed, treatment should not be carried out as a second round of freezing can cause more extensive and severe damage.
During this spell of cold and snowy weather the last thing you want to do is spend time in the ER because of frostbite. Make sure you’re protected from not only the frostbite, but the Dr. bills also. Call us today to do a health insurance review to make sure everything is in order. 419-522-9892