Now that it is officially autumn you know what comes next…cold weather. This week is supposed to be beautiful so this is a good opportunity to get those outside projects done and start to winterize your home. The best place to start is by taking a walk around your house and property and look for anything that may need fixed or secured for winter. Pay attention to the following areas:

  • The roof: Look for any loose shingles. If you have a chimney look for any missing mortar, cracks or structural problems. Also, make sure that your damper is working correctly and has a tight seal. Your chimney cap should be snug as well.
  • Gutters and downspouts: Check for clogs and any water damage. This time of year leaves and nuts will be falling off of trees and can create a clog or even damage your gutters.
  • Doors and windows: Check for missing weather stripping or door sweeps. You want the cold winter air to stay where it belongs, outside.
  • Air conditioners: Remove or cover window air conditioners and fill any gaps. Loosely cover central air units.
  • Outside faucets: turn off water to faucets and cover them with a commercial cover or two old socks and duct tape.
  • Foundation: Look for cracks or holes where animals can get in
  • Siding: Check for missing pieces

Taking a few extra steps this autumn can help this winter go by a bit smoother. After all, you don’t want that winter storm to do damage to your home that could have easily been prevented with taking a little time to winterize your home. While you’re at it, let us review your homeowners coverage to make sure you have what you need.