Your cars engine is one of the most important pieces to your vehicle. To keep your engine healthy you need to have frequent oil changes. Motor oil is used to lubricate internal moving parts of the engine and it will break down over time. When the oil breaks down it will turn into a jelly-like sludge that can clog oil passages and prevent oil from getting to key engine components.
A few tips to keep in mind to keep your engine in tip-top shape:
  • Check your oil level every couple hundred miles.
  • Always change the filter when you change the oil.
  • Look at your owners manual to verify the weight of motor oil to use and how often to change the oil.
Your auto insurance may cover quite a bit, but a blown motor typically will not be a covered incident. Whether you do the oil changes yourself or take it to a professional, regular oil changes are necessary. While you’re at it, review your auto insurance policy to make sure it’s the best fit for you. Need help, give us a call.