Falls are one of the most common and dangerous accidents that occur at home and on the job. Wet floors, spills and clutter can mean disaster if not taken care of. But don’t worry, there are steps you can take to prevent falls. Below are 5 sure fire ways to prevent falls that can be applied at home or at the workplace. prevent falls

1. Ladder safety

While ladders are a great convenience, they also pose a fall risk. Always make sure your ladder is on a solid level surface before use. Make sure the weight on the ladder will not cause it to slip off it’s sport. And don’t apply more weight on a ladder that it is designed to support. Remember to occasionally inspect you ladder for cracked, broken or defective parts before use.

2. Keep floors dry and free of clutter

Wet floors present a slip hazard as well as the potential for mold growth. When a spill happens make sure to clean it up, get the area dry and post wet floor signs to make others aware of the potential hazard. Clutter on the floor can present a tripping hazard so make sure to remove all objects from aisles, exits and passageways.

3. Secure unprotected sides, wall openings and floor holes

During any kind of renovations there may be times that walls or floors have holes in them. Use temporary guardrails whenever this is a potential to fall from one level to a lower level. Construct floor hole covers on any openings to prevent a trip or fall.

4. Have adequate lighting

Make sure the area had enough lighting. Poor lighting can make it hard to see potential hazards. Install light switches at top and bottom of staircases. Make sure light switched are easily accessible so lights can be turned on as soon you enter a room.

5. Secure rugs and flooring

Stretch out bulging carpet to prevent falls. Bumps in the carpet can create a tripping hazard by creating unlevel footing. Use anti slip backing under rugs to prevent the from moving as you are stepping on them.

Stay alert, if you notice any situation that you think could create a slip, trip or fall, fix the problem or notify someone who can. Prevention is the key for keeping you on your feet.

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