New Baby ChecklistThe 9 month wait is over and your bundle of joy is finally here. You’ve been preparing for this day for months and have followed the new baby checklist to ensure you have everything. You have the nursery set up, diapers bought, and are ready to start on this new adventure. But have you talked to your insurance agent? While this may not be the first person you think to call to announce your new arrival, it is important to contact them soon.

Why do I need to contact my insurance agent?

Do you have health insurance? Most companies require that you notify them withing 31 days after your baby’s birth. A formal application is usually required to add them to the coverage. If you contact them to late, your baby may not have health insurance! You definitely don’t want that to happen.
What about that life insurance policy on your new child? While no one wants to think of loosing a child it makes sense for several reasons to get a life insurance policy started. One reason being the rates will be very low. Some policies will actually build cash value that could be used in the future for college or other expenses. Another reason is in the unfortunate event your child passes away. You will then have that policy to take care of funeral and every day living expenses. Chances are you would need some time off work. That policy will help replace some of your income while you are off work.
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