farmOK so our title may be a little silly, but it’s true! We live in a pretty rural area so chances are you know someone with a farm or may even have one yourself. It could be cattle, crops, or even vegetables that you “raise” on your farm. And we all know how much hard work farmers put into their farms. But what happens if you have property damages or say an animal gets loose and you need liability coverage…are you covered? 

Insuring your Farm

Many companies offer Farm Insurance that provides property, liability, or even comfort coverage such as livestock insurance. Whether your large-scale or a small family farm, you have options. Don’t you want to know that all your hard work is protected?

You can click here to learn more about the available business coverage available. 

A few things to think about

Depending of your type of business, you may need to consider additional safety precautions

Do you: 

  • Have employees?
  • Work with livestock?
  • Use heavy equipment?
  • Have crops?

Depending on how you answered those questions, you may need to consider additional measures. Do you know our office has resources available to use with employees? We also can help you put a plan in place for risk management. 

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