PrescriptionIt’s not uncommon to be on some sort of monthly prescription medication these days. Regardless of what they are, changes are you are looking for ways to cut costs or find less expensive alternatives. We have put together a list of 4 tips to help you with this tasks. 

1) Look for Generic Alternatives

If you are on a brand name prescription, ask your doctor about the generic equivalent. Many times, the generic works just as well as the brand name. Many of the generics have the same active ingredients as the brand name. Your Doctor will be able to determine if this is a good solution for you or not. 

2) Use Mail Order Services

Most health insurance plans offer mail order services on maintenance medications. You can typically receive a 90 day supply direct to your door. And, some plans give you a discount purchasing 90 days at a time instead of the typical 30 days. 

3) Check for Discounts Through The Drug Manufacturer

Did you know that many brand name drugs offer discounts directly through the drug manufacturer. Your doctors office typically has information about these offers. You can also find information by looking online. Many discounts offer that prescription medication to you at specific discount. Others offer some sort of copay assistance where it reduces your copay. There is usually some sort of coupon or rebate card for these services. 

4) Visit the GoodRx website

The website GoodRx is a tool you can use to find the best discount for your prescription. It also tells you the retailer that has that prescription at the lowest cost. Simply visit the website, enter the name of your prescription and click the search button. You will be presented with a list of results and if available, direct links to coupons or discounts. 

You can visit their website by clicking here.

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