home workspaceWhether your work-from-home arrangement is temporary or long-term, a clean home workspace can be good for your mental health and well-being. A clean home workspace will help you stay healthy, while boosting work productivity and lowering stress.

The Dirty Truth About Workspaces

On-site offices and other workspaces are often cleaned daily, which means the home office could have more bacteria and germs. Furthermore, you may be sharing the space with family or friends and consuming more food and drinks while you work.

The average desk contains 400 times more germs than a toilet seat. The keyboard and computer mouse can be the dirtiest items as a result of having unwashed hands and eating at your desk.

Keeping It Clean

Continue practicing good personal hygiene habits, and develop healthy and clean remote working habits by trying the following tips:

  • Avoid working from the kitchen. The kitchen is often one of the busiest and dirtiest rooms. It’s important to arrange a designated workspace so you can keep it tidy, helping you remain focused.
  • Get adequate ventilation. Open your windows to let fresh air in.
  • Keep pets away. Separate pets from your computer and other parts of the workspace so items don’t get covered with fur and dander.
  • Avoid eating at your workspace. Crumbs are a common source of bacteria and can easily hide under papers and keyboards.
  • Dust your work surfaces. This includes your keyboard, computer, monitors, lamp and any other workspace items. Do so at least once a week.
  • Declutter your workspace daily. It may be helpful to have a trash can nearby that is emptied daily.
  • Wipe down and disinfect work surfaces. Clean surfaces a couple times each week. If surfaces are visibly dirty, clean with soap and water prior to disinfection. Alcohol-based wipes may be a better alternative for electronics.
  • Stay organized. Once you’ve set up your workspace, keep items organized on shelves, in drawers or in other containers.

Dividing your home between work and relaxation can be a challenge—but keeping your working area clean is one way to make that easier. If you have concerns about your home workspace, talk with your manager.

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Last Modified: June 8, 2021