Well, it’s only a small chance of snow tonight but we all know how fast the weather can sneak up on us in Ohio. If you’ve lived here through a winter you’ve learned the drill when it comes to bad weather. Go to the store and stock up on water, bread and milk and hunker down until it passes. Then there’s also preparing your vehicle and home for the snowy weather. But what about your insurance?

No, seriously, you want to make sure your insurance is in order BEFORE you need to use it. Do you know if you will get a rental car if your car is involved in an accident on a snowy road? Or what if part of your roof collapses because of the weight and snow, will your insurance pay for a hotel room and food while your home is being fixed? The minute a claim happens these will be some of the first questions you may have.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know the answer before you are in a situation? Call us today at 419-522-9892 or send us an email to schedule a time to review your policy and make any necessary adjustments.