October is the time for all things spooky. Haunted Houses, Scary Costumes and spooky Jack-O’-Lantern’s all get us into the Halloween spirit. For many of us, knowing this is all “pretend” is what makes it so much fun. Don’t let a fun activity like carving your pumpkin give you a real souvenir.

Keep a few tips in mind while making your pumpkin creation:

  • Only carve pumpkins on a flat surface with good lighting.
  • Use a pumpkin-carving kit that includes the appropriate tools.
  • Young children should draw on the pumpkin with markers and leave the carving to the adults.
  • Place lit Jack-O’-Lanterns away from flammable objects
  • Never leave a lit Jack-O’-Lantern unattended, especially with children & pets around.

This season is all about having fun, so take a few extra moments to make sure safety is first. Happy Pumpkin Carving from all of us here at Rinehart-Walters-Danner Insurance!

Image Source: Ariel da Silva Parreira; RGBStock.com