Many of us that work full time jobs feel like we see our co-workers more then our families. If you work a 8 hour day you spend 1/3 of your day at work! And while everyone in the shop or office may not be BFFs, we hope we all can rely on our co-workers in the event of an emergency or vice versa, that they can rely on you.

There are a few things to remember in the unfortunate event there is a workplace emergency:

  1. Assess the situation without putting yourself in danger.
  2. Make the area safe.
  3. Determine the severity of any injuries, attending to unconscious victim first.
  4. Designate a specific person to send for help.

It is vital to call 911 ASAP if someone requires medical attention. Once the injured are taken care of make sure to write down what you did to assist your co-workers. Many employers will need that information for their records, especially if a workers compensation claim is involved.

Remember the saying “treat others how you want them to treat you.” The fast response of those around the victim could be the difference between life & death.