It’s Christmas season and you know what that means, big dinners and delicious deserts! Between the work, friend and family gatherings that can add up to a lot of meals. So what can you do to reduce your chances of having a new years resolution to loose all the weight you gained over Christmas?

Well, it’s easier said than done but eat healthy. If you’re the one hosting the party you can choose healthier food options or make healthier recipes. If you’re a guest it’s a little harder but there are still steps you can take. Avoid standing near the food table is a huge step. Make socializing your top priority as it will keep you occupied and help keep you from snacking. Drink water when possible as it is the option with the least amount of calories. If you do indulge in soda or an adult beverage, drink water between drinks and have diet sodas.

We all know there will be some weight gain during Christmas but taking little stops now can help keep it in control for later. One other tip, if you are hosting the party, make sure your homeowners coverage is up to date in the event that someone would slip and fall on icy steps or sidewalk.