It’s that time of the year and many of us are finishing up Christmas shopping. If you have children on your list, this is an extra special time. One of the many joys of Christmas is watching their little faces light up with joy as they unwrap their gifts. As a parent one concern among all this joy is “are these toys safe?” Fortunately for consumers, toy manufacturers design product labels to reduce the guesswork for an adult when they are trying to buy safe toys. In addition to the recommendations found on toy labels, here are some toy-buying guidelines to keep in mind. 

Under 3 Years

  • Toys with small parts that are 1.75 inches or less in size, as these items can be easily swallowed or inserted into noses and ears
  • Toys with ribbons and straps that can strangle children or toys with sharp edges and points
  • Rattles, teething rings and squeeze toys
  • Floor gyms and activity quilts
Ages 3-5
  • Toys made of plastic that can easily break into smaller pieces
  • Toxic art supplies that are not designed for use by children
  • Construction toys
  • Puzzles
Ages 6-8
  • Toys that can break or that possess potential hazards
  • Complex gym equipment
  • Sports equipment such as baseball gloves, tennis rackets or basketballs
Ages 9-12
  • Toys that are too dangerous for children to operate, such as BB gun or slingshot
  • Three-dimensional puzzles
All of us at Rinehart-Walters-Danner Insurance hope these tips help you finish up your shopping and help ensure you have a safe and Merry Christmas. 
Image source: Flickr: Hans Splinter