It’s getting warmer and now’s the time to take care of those projects you’ve put off because it was too cold. Time to drag out the hand tools, power tools and whatever else you may need. But before you get started, make sure your tools are ready for the job.

With hand tools keep an eye out for split or cracked handles, tools with missing parts, or wrenches with torn-out jaws. Power tools can be even more dangerous due to the electricity component. Watch for frayed power cords, cracked tool blades and broken guards. If you have the need to break out the grinder make sure to take extra precautions. Grinders are known to be the most dangerous tool in the power tool family. Make sure to follow all safety precautions and do not stand directly in front of the grinder.

Taking a few extra steps can help ensure your safety while getting those projects done. Having an accident can not only affect your body, but financially. Make sure your health insurance, accident insurance and even home and auto insurance are up to date and you are properly covered.