Footballs - Rinehart Insurance

Football season is around the corner! Whether you root for Ohio State or Michigan, we’re all excited for fall. Time to plan the perfect meats, dips and deserts for the gang to enjoy while watching the game. But what happens when Ted’s touchdown dance turns disastrous? A lost game, 3 hours in the ER and a broken arm later; your good old friend is suing you for medical costs and compensation.

Is your homeowners insurance enough? Do you have a personal umbrella policy to protect your? How does my health insurance policy factor in? Or let’s flip this around and say you were the guest; will you have protection or will this expense come out of your pocket? These are all valid questions that can follow a scary situation.

Whether it’s an away or a home game, we’re here to help. Contact us today so we can review your coverage’s and make sure they are enough and you are not left unprotected.