If you’ve been to the doctor lately, I’m sure you’ve seen them carrying around laptops or tablets from exam room to exam room. Most health care practices already transitioned or will soon be transitioning to EHRs or Electronic Health Records. EHRs are electronic versions of the paper charts you are used to seeing.

By utilizing EHRs your physician, lab or hospital is able to view your health records and any additional information instantly. This allows multiple providers to work together to make sure you get the care you need. This can also help protect you against a medicine or treatment that could potentially be harmful to you.

Along with health care providers, many health insurance companies are utilizing these EHRs to ensure you get the best possible care. Some health insurance claims systems have links that allow your dentist or optometrist to forward any concerns to your primary care physician. By sharing these concerns, your primary care physician can follow up and possible detect any health conditions early. Early detection is the key to many illnesses and diseases. Talk to your physician about EHRs and how they impact your health.

– Your friends at Rinehart-Walters-Danner Insurance Agency