With all the options today in the auto industry, sometimes the hardest part of a new car purchase is deciding what options you want. Gone are the days of automatic windows as a top of the line option. Today’s options include digital dash, bluetooth, and rearview cameras. While many options seem to be the tech-savy’s toys, others have your safety in mind.

Many new vehicles are equipped with the rearview camera to assist you with backing up. Some even alert you if you get to close to an object or even assist you parallel park. (A fantastic feature if you’re one who is not so good at parallel parking, like myself.) The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently announced that rearview video systems will be listed on the recommended features under its New Car Assessment Program.

Newer cars can even mean lower insurance premiums due to the safety features built in and discounts offered by the insurance companies. Call us today or complete the quote request box on our home page to get an auto quote.

Image source: Leah Jones, Flickr