As a farmer you rely on your tractors and farm equipment daily. So what happens if one breaks down? Chances are you not only have to fix it, but loose a day out in the fields. What better time then now to start preventative checks on your equipment to ensure they stay in working condition and lessen the chance of breakdowns.

Hydraulic hoses are present on much of the farm equipment today. Their unpredictability can cause a lot of frustration, and with cold weather ahead, any stress applied to hydraulic hoses will increase the likelihood of failure. You can minimize hydraulic hose failure by storing equipment indoors or under protective cover and knowing the hose’s PSI threshold. Also, keep spare hydraulic parts handy in case you’re in the middle of a field when a hose breaks.

While you’re checking over your equipment, now’s a good time to check your insurance policies to ensure your farm and equipment is properly insured. Need help? We’d be happy to review your policy with you. Call us today.