Spring brings many changes to our area. Green grass, blooming flowers and orange cones. When the weather gets nicer it’s time to repair all the damage done to our roads by the winter thaw and salt use. National Work Zone Awareness Week is fast approaching, March 23-27 to be exact, and we’re doing our part to spread the word to help keep road workers safe.

The orange cones and lower speed limits can be a hassle for drivers but they are there for a reason…for the safety of the road workers. Just like everyone else they have a job to do, a dangerous job. If you are a road worker or even an employer that has road workers we have a few tips to share.

  • Wear high-visibility apparel.
  • Workers should have training on how to conduct themselves when working on roadways, especially those working close to traffic.
  • Carefully lay out routes for workers to enter and exit the work area.
  • Establish appropriate speed limits for work zones and use message signs.
  • Use cones, barriers, and barrels to separate traffic from work areas.

And for everyone else who is not a road worker…abide by the precautions they have carefully put in place. Being in a hurry could be costly even deadly for someone just trying to do their job. We want to all do our part to keep road workers safe.

Employers – if your business includes employing road crews contact us today to ensure your insurance coverage is adequate for you and your employees.

Image source: rgbstock.com