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It’s almost spring!!! Before you know it we will be over run with fresh produce from the local produce stand or from your own garden. But what happens you just can’t eat it fast enough? Don’t throw it away. Just because it’s getting a little squishy or shriveled doesn’t mean it’s bad. In some cases older fruits and veggies may even be better!!

The possibilities are endless! You can make breads, pies, smoothies, can or even freeze excess fruits & vegetables. Take the above picture for example. We had way more zucchini then can be ate so some bread was made and the rest was shredded and frozen to use in recipes or make more breed later. The peaches were getting a little soft so peach jam was made. And cucumbers were everywhere so pickles were made. Be creative, and if you’re stuck. Go online and type in a search for whatever it is you need to use up and add recipe or preserve to the end and see what comes up.

Eating fruits and vegetables are part of a healthy diet. Eating healthy can help your immune system and help decrease the chances of you getting sick. Less sick time, less doctor appointments and antibiotics, which means more money in your pocket. If you have a health insurance plan that does not have office visit or prescription co pays, the cost can add up. While you’re making the most of your healthy diet, make sure to do the occasional check up of your health coverage. call us today – we can help.