Burns are common injuries for restaurant workers and home cooks alike. Contact with hot oil, hot plates, steam and cooking equipment leads to painful and potentially dangerous burns. To avoid kitchen burns, remember these safety guidelines:

  • Use tongs and oven mitts to remove hot items from stoves, steamers and pasta boilers.
  • Stand to the side of ovens and steamers when opening them and use the door as a shield.
  • Never open steamers and cookers while they are on.
  • Uncover dishes from the microwave away from your face.
  • Assume that pots, pot handles and utensils are hot.
  • Never remove a coffee pot until the coffee is done dispensing.
  • Use trays to carry hot plates versus your hands.
  • Never use a wet towel to grab or hold hot items.
  • If you get burned, seek medical treatment immediately!