In addition to providing you with a nice smile, dental care also ensures good oral and overall health. dental insuranceSeveral studies suggest that oral diseases, such as periodontists (gum disease), can affect other areas of your body. Affected areas include your heart. Regular dental exams, just like regular physical exams, are extremely important. However, these dental exams are not typically included in your medical benefits. That’s where dental insurance comes in. 

What is dental insurance?

Dental insurance is similar to regular medical insurance. The main difference is that it is designed to provide coverage for dental care. Just like your medical plan, you will typically have preventative care services coverage, as well as additional coverage for more involved procedures. A typical plan will have the following classes: 

  • Class 1 – diagnostic and preventative care (cleanings, exams, X-rays)
  • Class 2 – basic care and procedures (fillings, root canals)
  • Class 3 – major care and procedures (crowns, bridges, dentures) 

Some plans even go one step farther and offer an additional class: 

  • Class 4 – orthodontia (braces) 

How do I get dental insurance?

There are 2 ways to purchase dental insurance.

Some employers offer dental insurance as part of their benefits package. They may pay or portion of the premium, or the cost could be completely your responsibility. Regardless, if offered by your employer, they have elected a type of dental coverage to offer, and you can choose if you want to elect the coverage, or decline it. Depending on the size of the employer, they may offer a couple of benefits. However, it will still be the same concept. They pick the plan design and you choose if you want the coverage or not.  

Another way to get dental insurance is to enroll in your own individual policy. By enrolling in a plan this way, you pick what type of benefits you want. Your benefits will be based on your individual needs. You can then purchase the plan directly from an insurance company or by an insurance agent. We have plans available by clicking here

Regardless of how you purchase your dental insurance, understanding your benefits is important. The costs are associated with dental disease and surgery are high. Dental insurance can help reduce those expenses.