In today’s world, everyone is looking for ways to make the most out of every dollar. Insurance premiums can be a large expense in most households. Even though auto insurance is something you are required to have, it doesn’t have to break the bank. We have a few recommendations that could help you save money on auto insurance premiums.

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Consider a higher deductible

The higher the deductible the lower the premium. A deductible is the money you the insured will pay before the insurance company pays out. If you have a $250 deductible and the total cost to fix your car is $2,000, you pay $250 then the insurance company will pay the remaining $1,750. However if you have a $1,000 deductible the insurance company will pay $1,000. By paying a bigger portion of a claim, your monthly premium will be lower. You pay premiums monthly, however, you will only pay your deductible if you have a claim. Why not save yourself money every month?

Keep a good driving record

Your auto premiums are a direct result of your driving record. This amount is determined by the insurance company to cover costs of insuring you and your family as drivers on the road. If you have no accidents or moving violations on your records, you may be eligible for a lower rate or good driver discounts.

Check if you qualify for low mileage discounts

Many insurance companies have “classes” of drivers based on how many miles they drive their car annually. Check to make sure your insurance agent has the correct mileage for you and if you qualify for any low mileage discounts.

Multi Line Discounts

Many insurance carriers offer auto, home and renters insurance. As a result, if you have your auto and home or renters insurance with the same company, you could qualify for additional discounts. This is not only a good way to save money, but a great convenience as you only have to contact one company or agent for monthly payments, questions, changes or the unfortunate event of a claim.

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Work with an independent insurance agent/agency

By working with an independent insurance agent/agency you have more insurance companies available to you. A captive agent works with one company, an independent agent works with multiple companies. This works in your interest as they can shop insurance companies for you and find the best fit for your needs at the best rate. They can do the work for you to help you save money on auto insurance.

We’re here to help. Whether your a current customer or not a customer at all, give us a call and we can start looking into ways to help you save money on auto insurance today.