You’ve probably heard that the Health Insurance Marketplace will be open October 1, 2014 so you can enroll in one of the new health plans created by Obama Care. Well if you’re a smoker, prepare to have a higher premium. While health care reform has changed the rules to deny anyone for coverage, they can charge a smoker a premium 1.5 times more than a non-smoker!!
If you’ve ever considered quitting, now may be the time to follow through with that thought. Just like with any other task, it helps to prepare first. After all, what’s the point if you’re just going to take up smoking again. So where do you start?
Set a date – picking a date in the next 2 weeks gives you time to get ready.
Share your plans – quitting is easier with the support of those around you.
Anticipate and plan for challenges – lets face it, this is not going to be a simple task.
Discuss your plan with your Doctor – they may be able to help
Withdrawal medications – it may be handy to have some nicotine gum or patches available
Benefits of a quitting program – talking with others who are quitting may be very helpful. There are some health insurance companies that will even offer you a “coach” to help you with quitting and may even offer a reward if you do quit.
Need help checking what options are available to you? Your health insurance policy is a good place to start. Call us today, we’re happy to check on your options.