Lets face it, for most people the only time they think about their insurance is when they need to use it. That’s understandable but also a little worrying. If you are using your insurance it’s safe to assume it’s because there is a problem, right? And if there’s a problem there’s usually stress…stay with me. If you don’t think about your insurance do you really understand your coverages? Wouldn’t it make sense to review your coverage before you have a problem?

One thing all insurance polices have in common whether it’s auto,home or health insurance, is a deductible. A deductible is the money you the insured pay up front before your insurance policy pays.

        For example: Your homeowners insurance policy has a
        $1,000 deductible. During a severe thunderstorm your
        roof is damaged and it is determined it will cost $5,000
        to make the repairs. You the insured will pay the first
        $1,000 and your homeowners insurance policy will pay
        the remaining $4,000.

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