It’s a sad realization that most families have experienced some connection with cancer. Whether it’s a family member, friend, or coworker, it’s a hard reality. It’s even more difficult if it is a child fighting the battle against cancer. September has been recognized as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Each year in the United States, approximately 13,500 children and adolescents younger than 20 years of age are diagnosed with cancer. * With more than 100 variations of cancer, where do you even start? Preventative health visits are very important for monitoring your health and noticing any abnormalities as early as possible. And with the changes in health insurance coverage due to the Affordable Care Act, preventative visits are covered at 100% under most health insurance policies.

In a proclamation given by President Obama, he said “all children deserve the chance to dream, discover, and realize their full potential. This month, we extend our support to young people fighting for that opportunity, and we recognize all who commit themselves to advancing the journey toward a cancer-free world.” Join us in spreading the word and encouraging others to participation in Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  

* Spector, L. Children’s Oncology Group Epidemiology Committee Chair. University of Minnesota