Summer SafetyIt’s getting warmer and the school year is over. You know what that means? It’s almost summer time! While you and your family will be having more fun in the sun, it’s important to remember a few summer safety tips. Make sure you are taking appropriate precautions against the sun, bugs, and the fun outdoor activities. We have 5 summer safety tips to keep in mind as this warmer weather approaches. 

#1. Heat and Sun Safety

It’s great to soak up a few rays of sun, but there can be too much of a good thing. Make sure to drink plenty of water, dress for the weather and eat light. Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke can be very serious and scary conditions. Heat Exhaustion occurs when a person cannot sweat enough to cook the body. Usually the result of not drinking enough fluids during hot weather. Heat Stroke is the result of untreated heat exhaustion. Make sure to keep an eye on your loved ones to make sure they are not showing any changes in their behavior or physical well being. 

#2. Insect Bites and Allergies

With warmer weather also comes bugs, which leads to bug bites. To save yourself the pain later of an irritating bug bite with potential health risks, use insect repellents to keep the bugs from biting. These come in many different forms such as sprays, lotions, or even candles or wrist bands. Also, consider taking over-the-counter medications to alleviate any allergy symptoms. 

#3. Grilling

This summer safety tip is one that applies year round. Weather you use a gas or charcoal grill, anytime there is an open flame you need to take precautions. Make sure grills are constantly monitored. Place grills at least 3 feet away from all other objects. Make sure to keep children and pets away from grills so they do not get burnt. 

#4. Swimming

Swimming pools, lakes and ponds are a favorite past time for many families. When the air is hot and the water is cool, it’s the perfect time to swim. This summer safety tip talked about often. Always make sure you check the conditions to make sure swimming is safe. Children should have life jackets or other personal flotation devices. 

 Summer is a great time for families to spend time together and have some adventures. Make sure to keep the above summer safety tips in mind and have a great and fun summer!